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Annis Stockton Field Dunbar

27 Jul 1799 – 12 Oct 1823

(submitted by Allan Hart Thomas)

Annis Stockton Field Dunbar was born at "Morven" near Princeton, New Jersey. She was the daughter of Robert Field (b. 05 Apr 1775 at White Hill, near Fieldsboro, New Jersey), and Abigail Stockton, daughter of Richard and Annis Boudinot Stockton.

Annis had famous grandparents. Her grandfather, Richard Stockton signed the Declaration of Independence and her grandmother, Annis Boudinot Stockton, was known as the first American Female Poet.

Annis' parents died when she was young at White Hill, near Fieldsboro, N. J.

Annis married Dr. William Dunbar, near Natchez where they would live out their lives. They had four daughters, who all married. The oldest, Mary Dunbar (b. c1831), married Capt. Alfred V. Davis, of Natchez.

Ms. Dunbar was buried in the Dunbar Cemetery (aka Forest Cemetery) on the grounds of what was "The Forest" plantation south of Natchez.

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